Saturday, October 26, 2013

Another NewLook Dress


Alhamdulillah, akhirnya selesai juga baju ini. This is the fourth dress I've sewed up using the Newlook 6877 pattern.
The instructions are easy to follow, even for a very beginner sewer as I am. And I really love the result as I learned many techniques on sewing.
For sizing I'm using the "M" since my 18 mos baby girls is 9 kg. But I think it's still a little bit larger for her. Maybe size "S" will be perfect. Well, at least it has more room to grow....nothing is useless.

dress and panties
back view
Love the cute. The red fabrics I used is local cotton fabric. I added white baby ric rac for the trim (except the skirt, I'm out of it, it just go plain with small hem).
I'm ready to go, Mama...
 I'm planning to make a hat with the remaining fabric. I've cut everything out...BUT...I still couldn't find how to sew it!!! The instruction is too simple and I really have problem with curves. Sigh...
I'll post it if the hat is ready.
For now...this outfit is good for playtime.

Have a nice day.


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