Wednesday, January 8, 2014

New Year, New Hope, New Curtain....Why Not?

Assalamualaikum,'s 2014 already ...I've been gone for so long I guess.
Happy (be lated) New Year everyone...

At the end of 2013 I got a special delivery from my father in law. My own sewing table he made for me. Yay...It's a 'real' sewing table and perfect. Now my sewing machine has its own place. All this time I was sharing table with my 7 yo boy (Well, I'm petite, so I have no problem with that... yet.)

 So, in order to 'celebrate' the new workspace and welcoming new year, I decided to make a new curtain for my kids room. And lucky me...I found a beautiful linen with theme I wanted all this time. It's the festival flag theme...just perfect for decorating kids room.
I never sew a curtain before and I didn't know how, actually. So I just 'do it'.

I did not make a lot of cutting nor sewing on the fabric. I just hemmed the both side, added trim on the top and straps.
The sewing did not take a lot of time, but sewing on buttons was so time consuming. Button?
Yes, 2 snap buttons on every strap. Sound unusual? I don't know. I just 'do it'.
We have regular curtain rod in the house (the one that has rail on it and need little hook to hang the curtain). I don't want to take it down, so I have to improvise on the strap.
Adding snap button on the strap was the perfect solution. I used a 1/2'' snap button.
After an on and off days here it very first curtain

And this is the strap detail

My first finished project in 2014 and lesson learnt.
What do you have recently?