Monday, November 4, 2013

Twirly Hat


Yay....Alhamdulillah...I finally finished the hat I mentioned on the previous post. Yes, it took more time for me just to figure out how to put those hat pieces to one (sigh...)
It was a simple McCall's pattern actually, but... I still cut some pieces in wrong direction. My mistake...

See those 2 pieces right on the middle of the 2nd row....It was cut in wrong direction. Fortunately there are still remaining fabric.
This is how it looks after I put everything together:

side one...single fabric

side two...with contrast
Yup, this hat is reversible. Well, the pattern does not say it so. But why not? It's pretty on both side.
Now...the out fit is complete. Ready for play time under the sun.

Have a nice day.

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