Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pointy Sleeve Dress


Two weeks ago I tried to customize a pattern.
Really, I did envy all ladies out there who have made cute things with their own drafted pattern.
So... I pushed my self a little harder to work it out. My girl should be able to wear this dress on Sunday.
It was simplicity pattern that I have been used in making dress for my girl all this time. I used its bodice pattern as a guide to draw my own one.
The main idea was I wanted a simple A line dress with a small cap sleeve and a big pocket on the front (I always have problem with sleeve, though...sigh)
Okay, I went like this for the upper bodice:
  1. I traced the bodice onto a paper.
  2. For the cap sleeve, I drew a straight line extending the shoulder line about 1.5 inches
  3. I marked the arm hole about an inch up from the bottom arm, and then I connected this to the end of the first line I drew. And I smoothed its corner by curving it a little bit. (I missed something out here, the dress would speak)
  4. I cut down the length of the bodice to an inch from the bottom arm hole.
Front bodice: on the left was the original pattern
Back bodice
For the skirt I just make a slight A line. I wanted it as a top so it's about 8 inches in length.
Skirt: slight A line

I picked this love yellowish fabric for the skirt and red polka dot for the bodice.
The sewing was taken on Sunday...after I prepared meals for the whole family. Perhaps this was the fastest dress sewing I ever did, after the peasant dress. (Well it's took few hours work though....hahaha)
And here it is

Front view

Back view
For the closure I used 3 buttons with elastic loops. At first I planned using regular button holes, but time's ticking. (The original pattern called for zipper for closure) and I also skipped the pocket idea.

Did you notice something odd with this dress? I did.
1. The sleeves. If you took a look from the top you'd see it. It's pointy rather than curved
2. The up side down pattern on the front skirt.
I did not plan on that.  Lesson learned.

Anyway the dress was nicely fit on my girl. And we're having a great afternoon that day with a new dress fresh from the sewing table :)

Have a great day everyone

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  1. This is really the first step to drawing your own patterns!
    I love the idea of buttons with elastic loops, I have many pretty buttons but I don't like sewing buttonholes... I will keep your solution in mind the next time! :-)

    1. Thank you Roby! I have to learn a lot :)

  2. Ooh that's so cute! I love the idea of elastic loops for buttons - and those buttons are adorable! I'd have never noticed the fabric pattern was upsidedown!

    1. Thank you Katy! Elastic loop is way easier and faster (for me)