Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Keep Learning, Keep Trying, Keep Fighting, Keep Smiling


Oh my...I was such an inconsistent blogger. Have promised my self to write at least once a week...and fact...have been away from here for over than a month! I am...
I made some kind of to do list since July. Does it work well? Well, not so well. Very slow progress indeed. But I'm glad I have the list. It reminds me things I want and need to do.
My major plans recently are doing home decor and gardening (and little sewing of course).

Progress on home decor:
Well it's not an actually home decorating... I thing home organizing is more appropriate. Try to get things more organized and neater. I thought it would be easy as writing it on the list. Fact: need more energy and time.

Progress on gardening:
I have a small neglected front yard and I'm planning to make an edible garden on it. I've prepared basic gardening supply. Try to get those crazy weeds out of the yard. Have bought some vegetable seed from local nursery and  have grown some of it (it was a thrill to see those seeds grow).
Well, I'm new into gardening. Just hope those little babies will survive :)

Progress on little sewing:
Have finished some baby dress (and want more)
Baby 'mukena' (for praying).
Bag for my boy.
Listing supplies for busy book.
And more to do....

I hope I have enough energy. And my baby says:

Keep smile, Mama...


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